Remediation Action Plan

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If a client is looking to progress with a scheme from initial characterisation through to completion in very tight project timescales, then we often advise that a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) approach is the most efficient route to take, particularly on medium to large-scale sites/projects.

Rather than undertake each phase of work separately and release a report as each stage is finalised, we provide all elements of work in one comprehensive report. A RAP report includes a Phase 1 Desk Study and initial Conceptual Site Model, the findings of the Phase 2 Site Investigation along with a revised Conceptual Site Model, and a remediation Options Appraisal and Remediation Strategy.

This provides the regulators with a very concise report in one volume; it saves clients costs and provides an excellent concise document for remediation contractors/earthworks contractors. All that is then needed to complete the scheme is a final factual Verification Report once remedial works are completed on site.

The Verification report confirms that the requirements of the Remedial Strategy have been met, it documents any work undertaken to deal with any unexpected contamination during the course of the works (for example dealing with previously unidentified underground tanks), and provides the results of chemical validation testing to the confirm that risks from contaminants have been successfully mitigated.