CL:AIRE Research Bulletin 17 (RB17) – A Pragmatic Approach to Ground Gas Risk Assessment

CL:AIRE have announced the publication of Research Bulletin 17 (RB17) – A Pragmatic Approach to Ground Gas Risk Assessment. The document is freely available to download from the Publications Library area of their website.

CL:AIRE Research Bulletins describe specific, practical aspects of research which have direct application to the characterisation, monitoring or remediation of contaminated soil or groundwater. This Research Bulletin describes a pragmatic approach to ground gas assessment using data that can be collected quickly and at low cost.

Head of HCA Leaving position to run Newcastle City Council

The chief executive of the government’s regeneration and housing quango the HCA has announced that she was leaving the post to take up a new role in local government.

A statement from the HCA announced that Pat Ritchie will leave her role to take up the vacant chief executive post at Newcastle City Council.

Ritchie became chief executive of the agency in November 2010, after being promoted from her previous role as North East director.

Ritchie said: “I have enjoyed leading the HCA for the last two years and I will be sorry to leave. However I am thrilled to be returning to the North East. It is an exciting opportunity to shape the future of the city in which I’ve spent much of my working career.”

HCA chairman Robert Napier said: “Pat has built a strong agency with a clear remit from government and a track record for delivery.
“I had hoped to retain Pat in the role of HCA chief executive. However the Board and I will now continue with the process to recruit a permanent chief executive as quickly as possible.”

Ritchie will leave the HCA at the end of January.