Brexit, The Repeal Bill – Fact Sheet 8 Environmental Protections

The governments Department for Exiting the European Union has issued a Fact Sheet explaining how Environmental Protection will be managed upon leaving the EU.

Fact Sheet 8 – Environmental Protections is available to view on the governments website here:

The information confirms that the Repeal Bill will convert the existing body of EU environmental law into UK law, making sure the same protections are in place in the UK and laws still function effectively after the UK leaves the EU.

A comprehensive 25 year Environment Plan will be published  that will chart how the UK will improve our environment as we leave the European Union and take control of our environmental legislation again.

The Government states that it is “committed to be the first generation to leave the natural environment in a better state than we inherited it.  Leaving the EU means we now have a unique opportunity to design a set of policies to drive environmental improvement with a powerful and permanent impact, tailored to the needs of our country”.

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