LQM/CIEH S4ULs Released for Human Health Risk Assessment

Land Quality Management Ltd and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health have recently released new generic assessment criteria (GAC) to support human health risk assessment in the UK.

This is the third publication in the series which was originally commenced in 2006.

The GAC cover a large range of common organic and inorganic pollutants (89 in total) and allow practitioners to complete generic quantitative risk assessments for human health for sites that are being proposed for a change of use through the planning system.  The GAC are referred to as “Suitable 4 Use Levels (S4ULs)” and cover several land uses including residential with and without homegrown produce, allotment, commerical and public open space.

The S4ULs are based on minimal or tolerable risk that are intended to be health protective, are conservative and as always with GAC they intend to provide a safe level above which DQRA might be needed.

DBS have purchased the publication and the right to use the GAC numbers and as always the document is extensive, clear and enormousfully useful as a resource for our day to day consultancy work.

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