New Housing Development – Phase 2 Geoenvironmental Ground Investigation

DBS were on site last week supervising a Phase 2 Geoenvironmental Ground Investigation on a development site proposed for residential housing.

The ground investigation comprised a combination of mechanically excavated trial pits to maximum depths of 4.5m bgl, with cable percussion boreholes to maximum depths of 10m bgl.  DBS designed the investigation to obtain information on ground conditions, site chemistry, and to refine the sites Conceptual Model.  The work was undertaken to provide geotechnical (in situ and laboratory) information to allow foundation solutions to be designed, and environmental samples for chemical analysis in the laboratory.  The work will also support planning condition discharge for the new development with regards to contaminated land and ground stability.

The exploratory holes were set out on a grid system using a hand held GPS pre-programmed with six figure grid references, and each exploratory hole location was checked with a Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) to confirm the absence of buried services.  Our engineer then supervised the work, logging all arisings to BS/Eurocodes standards.

The excavator was hired in by the client, the drilling company was PB Drilling of Wigan.

DBS had already completed a Phase 1 Geoenvironmental Desk Study report and a Coal Mining Risk Assessment report to support the planning application, the Phase 2 Ground Investigation was designed based on the findings of that work to support the site through the planning process, refine its Conceptual Model and achieve discharge of pre-start conditions placed on the project by the Local Planning Authority.

Pictures of the GI in full swing are provided below.

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