Phase 1 Desk Study Secure Online Ordering

We have updated our website to include a new secure online ordering and payment system for Phase 1 Desk Study reports.  This has been developed to meet the needs of private developer clients, and smaller organisations, and we are hoping it leads to an even more streamlined experience for our clients, whilst allowing them to pay for the report securely online using PayPal or a credit card.

We have developed an automated proposal system to fit in with this, meaning that we can generate a full email proposal for clients within minutes of receiving a request.

This system will hopefully fit in well with our state of the art Cloud server too, we use the Cloud server for delivering the final report to our clients electronically.

We used to spend a lot of time printing out and binding final reports together, and then sending them out in the post.  We decided to invest in new Cloud technology about two years ago to save time, allowing us to pass cost savings on to clients, and at the same time doing our bit for the environment and helping us to become more sustainable.

Phase 1 Desk Study reports are very intensive on printing, due to the large size of the material in the appendices (environmental data reports from Landmark or Groundsure in particular are very large colour documents).  For the last couple of years we have produced the reports into an identical electronic copy using  ADOBE, and we then send a link to our client that enables them to download a copy of the report from our Cloud server directly to their desk top, or other internet enabled device.

The Cloud server is needed due to the file size of the reports (typically over 30 meg), meaning they cannot be emailed out conventionally.

If you require a Phase 1 report for a new development site, or to support site acquisition and due diligence, follow our new online ordering facility or feel free get in touch if there is anything you need to discuss.

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