Consultancy advice & the expertise you need to guide your project to success

DBS brings the experience needed to manage risk, liaise with agencies, steer applications through the regulatory process and direct specialist professionals.

We aim to save you money and time, helping your project meet legal requirements and stay within budget.

We have long experience of dealing with Local Planning Authorities, gathering the documentation and information they require and negotiating to meet challenges before they delay projects.

Our work on sites across the UK has lent us the experience to spot issues in good time – we have worked on brownfield sites, mining areas, former agricultural land, urban areas and sites with an increased risk of hazardous environments.

DBS Environmental Phase 2 Ground Investigations
DBS Environmental Consultancy Advice


We have peer reviewed and advised on documentation ranging from risk assessments to verification and validation reports as in house advisors to Local Planning Authorities on contaminated land and planning.

We don’t just stop with risk assessments. We can also help you put together a Materials Management Plan or act as Qualified Person to sign off a plan, we can advise on off site waste management and disposal options, and devise systems to monitor soil, water and air quality around a site.

We also undertake Landfill CQA, environmental permitting, environmental engineering and earthworks supervision.

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“We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment”
– Margaret Mead –