As part of our advisory services we can provide earthworks design for new developments, including the design of development platforms.

We have long experience of designing earthworks schemes, including providing an earthworks balance for the re-use of land, preparing earthworks specifications, supervising earthworks on site and providing verification reports on the works.

We can also assist clients with obtaining insurance for their schemes at this stage, we can liaise and have dialogue with external organisations such as the NHBC to help clients achieve Buildmark warranty cover for new property schemes, and we can also assist with the NHBC Land Quality Endorsement (LQE) process for larger developments.

The NHBC LQE process is particularly helpful in satisfying geotechnical and contamination constraints for large brownfield sites that require highly technical risk management to ensure safe redevelopment.

DBS Environmental Earthworks Design
DBS Environmental Earthworks Design

We can also assist with other geotechnical aspects for your project such as:

  • Slope stability
  • Mine workings
  • Mine shafts
  • Roads and highways
  • Laboratory and in situ earthworks testing

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