Clients looking to purchase a site, or divest a site to market, often require confidence that they are not going to be in a situation where long term liabilities (and development constraints) can arise from ground or groundwater pollution, and/or ground stability.

We can support clients through the site acquisition and divestiture process to de-risk sites, and we can also assist financial institutions in supporting lending decisions to customers looking to purchase former commercial or industrial sites.

The Due Diligence process can range from a basic screening exercise for clients looking to purchase a potential site and need to understand very quickly any “headline” issues, through to a comprehensive appraisal of potential in ground and wider environmental risks through a comprehensive desk study and intrusive investigation process. This could include a review and re-interpretation of all current regulatory and historical records available for the site, a review of all documentation held for the site including compliance reports, environmental monitoring reports, investigation reports and closure reports.

DBS Environmental - Environmental Due Diligence
DBS Environmental - Environmental Due Diligence

We have supported clients through the acquisition process for a range of sites including former chemical works sites, former factories and other industrial land, MOD land and even greenfield land.

Site divestiture support is usually undertaken for industrial clients who want to be sure that they have safely operated and then decommissioned their operations ahead of sale, to ensure that contamination issues do not come back to haunt them after sale through Part 2A, and to provide documentation to support their sale to achieve the best market price.

We have also assisted LPA Receivers to dispose of commercial and industrial sites that are potentially problematic and went into administration before a due diligence process could be completed. In this scenario we can provide environmental reports to support site disposal to give potential investors confidence that they fully understand potential long term risks.

DBS Environmental - Environmental Due Diligence

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