As part of our site assessment service, we can support clients with identifying suitable foundation solutions for new property and infrastructure development.

We will design a suitable ground investigation to provide the physical information that you need to enable foundation solutions to be realised, and then provide foundation advice based upon your development needs.

We can provide geotechnical information for new residential properties, large commercial buildings and for any structure that requires load bearing characteristics to be understood. We can also provide foundation advice for new infrastructure such as roads and pavements. The information we provide will allow your structural consultant to design the required foundations for your new development.

DBS Environmental Phase 2 Ground Investigations
DBS Environmental Phase 2 Ground Investigations

If we are supporting a project through a change of use and planning, then we always recommend that a client obtains geotechnical information as part of an all encompassing ground investigation, as this ensures considerable time and cost savings as a project moves forward.

As part of this process we will also consider any on site constraints such as the presence of mine shafts, and advise suitable no build zones for new development. We can also recommend on other issues such as the requirement and design of gas protection measures or new building foundations, and piling requirements.

If piling solutions are required for load bearing, then we can design the piling solution as well as piling matt requirements on site. We can also appoint and manage piling contractors on your behalf; we can offer a full project management service depending on your requirements.

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