We can provide Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) for the construction of new landfill cells, and the capping of completed cells.

Our landfill engineers have vast experience of delivering construction works to the Quality Plan, supervising earthworks contractors and specialist lining and capping subcontractors on site, and achieving regulatory consent with the preparation of final reports on the works.

We can assist with the following:

  • Earthworks supervision, including the construction and geotechnical testing of clay mineral lining systems and bunds;
  • Supervision of the construction of HDPE liners; monitoring and recording of extrusion and fusion welding, including the preparation of panel layout drawings and daily monitoring record sheets;
  • Supervision of capping systems, preparation of panel layout drawings;
  • Geotextile blanket deployment;
  • Stone leachate drainage layers;
  • CQA of the installation of new leachate abstraction and monitoring wells and chambers;
  • CQA of leachate and landfill gas boundary compliance monitoring wells;
  • Supervision of vertical lining systems, including the Cordek system;
  • Preparation of CQA Plans and Reports.

We can also assist with the CQA of other HDPE containment systems such as large ponds and liquid storage containment area’

DBS Environmental Landfill CQA
DBS Environmental Landfill CQA

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