DBS can prepare a Materials Management Plan (MMP) for your project under the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice scheme, helping to keep you legal as you re-use materials on site.

A MMP can speed up your project and help to significantly reduce the regulatory burden and associated costs when dealing with the re-use of soils on a development site.

DBS can also assist with the sign off of a MMP by a Qualified Person under the CL:AIRE Code of Practice scheme. A MMP can alleviate some of the onerous regulatory hurdles previously faced during site remediation where an environmental permit may have been required from the Environment Agency for the handling and management of wastes.

Under a European Court ruling referred to as Van Der Waals, any soils dug up on a contaminated site, or clean soils imported to site to obtain an earthworks balance from another construction site, were classified as wastes and were regulated under wastes management legislation. This has had a negative effect on realising the UKs strategy of re-using brownfield land and sustainability. The CL:AIRE approach was a joint initiative between key industry figures and the regulators to come up with an approach to ease the regulatory burden during site redevelopment.

DBS Environmental Phase 2 Ground Investigations
DBS Environmental Phase 2 Ground Investigations

If you would like to read more about a MMP, then please take a look at CL:AIRES website.

Until recently it was also a regulatory requirement for any construction and/or demolition scheme exceeding a value of £250k to have a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) prepared in accordance with the Site Waste Management Plan regulations. The SWMP regulations are currently being repealed, but it is still considered good practice for new constructions schemes to have an SWMP in place, to deliver sustainable development and to save costs, particularly from landfill tax. DBS can assist you with the preparation of pragmatic SWMPs for your project.

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